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Lambretta LS, LJ and LT scooters hit UK


Lambretta LN 125

Back in November, we mentioned that the new Lambretta LN scooter was priced up for the UK, with other models to follow. Well, new models have just landed, with one retailer offering a number of variations of the new Lambretta scooter for the UK.

The Eddy Bullet site now has the LS 125 in five colour options, the LS 50 in a further five shades, along with that original LN 125 plus the LJ 50 and the LT 50.

Difference? Well, aside from all the colours, the engine size is the obvious difference between the 50 and 125 models. There also seems to be some subtle styling differences between the LS and the LN, with more obvious differences with the LJ and the LT.

Price-wise, those latter two models are much cheaper too, both at £1,899. For the other models, you're looking at £3,295 for the 125cc model and £2,995 for the 50cc model.

Of course, none of this will mean much to the purists / traditionalists out there, who are probably already shaking their fists at the screen. They're modern twist 'n' go scooters and as such, will always be fighting a losing battle. But it's interesting to see how many of these new Lambretta models are appearing. In short, a good number. Check out the tech spec and details at the Eddy Bullet site if you want to know more. Images all below.

Lambretta scooters at the Eddy Bullet website

Thanks once again to Jason for flagging this up.


Lambretta LS 125


Lambretta LS 50


Lambretta LJ 50


Lambretta LT 50

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