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A to Z of Mod book


I don't know much about this (although I believe this particular site gets a mention in it). So for now, we'll just have to go with the details on the sales page for the A to Z of Mod book.

Published by Prestel and credited to Paolo Hewitt, Mark Baxter and Martin Freeman (introduction), it's due for publication on 30th April 2012. According to the initial details. '…this guide to the many aspects of Mods takes an alphabetical approach to the most enduring of youth cults. Beginning with A bout de souffle and ending with Zoot Money, authors and Mod experts Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter touch on every facet of the fad. Entries such as Eel Pie Island, Otis Redding, Mary Quant, and Ready Steady Go give intriguing background information, history and facts, while colourful illustrations bring Mod style to life'.

I remember floating the idea of the A to Z of mod a few years back on the forums and doing a basic version, but in the end, decided against as it was effectively a never-ending task and one that's personal to each person. Hopefully the book can make a better job of it than I did with my online efforts over its 304 pages.

If you want to find out if it does, you can pre-order now for £12.74.

Find out more at the Amazon website

Thanks again to Jason for spotting this for sale.

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Old Terry Rawlings did an A-Z of Mod with Keith Badam a few years ago called, Empire Made. Wasn't a big book but covered most of the expected bases.

Neil Lee

This has been doen before. I have one called 'Empire Made A-Z of Mod' from the mid/ late 90s.

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