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Piaggio unveils the Vespa 46


I know the purists will hate it, but this Vespa 46, which will be available from next year from Piaggio, is certainly a talking point.

The scooter is based on the company's MP6 prototype, which was originally released in 1946. The shape that is, as the rest of this scooter is very much of the modern era.

Apparently, the motor is an emissions-friendly, air-cooled, fuel-injected three-valve four-stroke affair, in a choice of 125cc or 150cc. There's also plenty of technology and high-end finishing thrown in too, like wing-shaped LED turn signals, ergonomic grips in hand-stitched leather and an LED taillight on the engine cover for example.

Some of that will be in the finished product, which has yet to be priced. Expect it not to be cheap. Then again, where you really thinking about buying one? I'm guessing not.

Vespa website



Images via High Snobiety

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I don't actually hate this. The only deal breaker would be an automatic transmission.


Hate to say it but that looks quite nice.

Certainly the best of all those autos.

I'll be sticking with the real deal though.


I don't get you lot - modernists? This is a beautiful modern design - if they did it in a larger CC I would love one (though I may need to remortgage). Not sure about the colour but the design is superb.
Mods eveolve and take on new styles of music, hair and clothing - why are they so reticent when it comes to scooters?
I've owned so many scooters over the last 20 odd years I've lost count but by far the best - without a shadow of doubt - was the GTS250ie.

Pigeon Faced Mod

Who wrote this review?, can't find a name.
Anyway you're so wrong!, would by this in a heartbeat!.


I agree with Steve and PFM, this is beautiful. Sleek and modern while still managing to acknowledge it's heritage.

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