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Spotify playlist: Paisley Underground


I seem to have mentioned the term Paisley Underground a couple of time of late, so what better time to do a Spotify playlist of bands generally associated with it.

Sadly, Spotify doesn't play ball with anything overly obscure, so a lot of the music from the 80s garage/psych revival isn't here. So I've worked with what I could find, added a few on the (floppy) fringes and got a good number of tracks together to give you an idea of what I mean.

Check it out via the link. Alternatively, a number of the better tracks are on the underrated Children of Nuggets box set.

Paisley Underground Spotify playlist

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Something came on random on iTunes the other week that turned out to be the Rain Parade album - I was wondering if it was one of these modern bands like Darker My Love - which just goes to show you how much post-60s psyche sounds almost exactly the same as it did in the 80s. Some great tracks there, anyway. Shame the Opal and Rainy Day stuff just seems lost in legal woes.

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