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Club focus: Freakbeat in New York


The club focus features will be coming thick and fast this week, with Freakbeat first up.

It takes place at the Outpost Lounge twice monthly in New York, offering up a mixed playlist of mod-friendly sounds from the resident DJs. Want to know more? Check out the feature.

If you've still not taken part in the club features (and you have a club), feel free to get in touch.

Freakbeat club focus at Modculture

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Actually, the interviewee was a little slack on his research on mod/garage events in New York. This city is not really a "desert as far as mod is concerned" But in fact, one could dance to sixties garage, freakbeat, soul, mod stuff every night of the week. There's been a freakbeat party called Smashed Blocked at Beauty Bar in manhattan for seven years! There's also Subway Soul Club, Hullaballoo, Shakin' All Over Under Sideways Down, Hot Dog, Real Gone, and several other parties that cater to a proper nightlife. Maybe this guy, whom I've never heard of, who comes along and starts a new party, should try googling some stuff before he trashes our scene!

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