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Tootal reissues more classic scarves

Tootal_1 As you may recall, Tootal reissued some of their Tootal scarves last year in a limited number of designs - and to a rather mixed reaction, it has to be said.

Certainly one of the criticisms regarding the limited choice of colours/designs has been addressed, with the company introducing 20 new designs from the archives, including polka dots, checks and paisleys.

Still only scarves in the "silk like" material (no rayon) and still far from cheap (at least £30), but with more choice, there's a better chance of something that might appeal.

No website, but check out your local high-end mens' fashion retailer to check them out. And if you're after an original vintage scarf, it's always worth checking stock on Modculture.

Please note that THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF THE MODCULTURE SITE. You can access our all-new site by visiting here


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