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Weller range of Ben Shermans

Weller_suit Following on from his Hudson shoe range, our spies tell us that Mr Paul Weller is currently designing his own shirt range.

On his recent appearance on Jonathan Ross, he was wearing a broad pink and white striped shirt,  a prototype for the new shirt designs.

The range is in association with Ben Sherman, with all detailing of the button-down selection overseen by Weller himself.

Want one? Well, you'll have to wait until the official launch, which is scheduled for July.

How long before the suit range then?

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Stuart Burley

twenty years ago, Weller would've insisted anything bearing his name/stamp of approval would be sensibly priced.

How much will these go for? £60 each anyone?

The Laird of Enfield

As long as he doesnae launch a range ay "Weller Wigs" we should be safe.

simon kirwan

lets hope the cuts right,sewn in pleat and nice high collers and maybe oxford woven with stripes like lennons in let it be(the movie).what ever happened to johnny moke shoes as well?keep the faith

darren jeffery

thats so cool cant wait, it will be worth the wait wonder if he is going to a sunglasses range that would be excellent just wondering umm

paul coward

what happened to the long collard button downs!I'm sure i had some 3 button fred perry's as well!

paul coward

what happened to the long collard button downs!I'm sure i had some 3 button fred perry's as well!

ario Woah

The shirts will come in seven colours only. Pink and cream, mint and chocolate, blue and white etc. They're made in China so should be cheap enough


Methinks Weller is slowly mutating into David Beckham ;-)
I love the bloke and I collect his records and go to his gigs, but I draw the line at buying his expensively endorsed clothes.
Quite frankly I can't see the point.
It's easy enough to look sharp without paying the earth for designer clobber - whether it be from Paul Weller or any of the fashion houses. No one should be complaining at the price, because as always the choice to buy it or not is yours.

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