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Tootal scarves re-made

Tootal_new Well, it had to happen - I'm just surprised it took so long. The company that owns the Tootal brand has re-made Tootal scarves and they're now hitting some of the smarter retailers (think Harvey Nichols) for a whopping £35 each!

I've yet to see one 'in the flesh', but I understand they're silk (like the shiny ones, not the 'rayon' scarves) and have patterns based on original ones (a contact in a vintage shop had a team buy lots of old scarves to base the new patterns on). Pictured is a sample of one of the new patterns.

Have you seen the new range? Do you know the company that is behind the scarves? Have you bought one? Please let us know.

In the meantime, I'll still be trying to source good quality vintage scarves, because, as we all know, original is best.

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ohn Todd

I had given to me as a gift a Tootal scarf in the 1940.s after service in WW2. I emigrated to Canada in 1949 and have worn that same scarf through the cold winter months continuously up to the present day, The insignia Tootal still shines brightly on the scarf, and there is no doubt the scarf will outlast me, A truly wonderful product.

Tj Shepherd

My mum has just given me one in perfect condition that is at least 45 years old. It is great and looks great too!


I'm looking for a Tootal scarf, red with white polka dots, please let me know if you have one.

Sam Redgrave

I was one of Tootal fabrics Designers back in the late 80's early 90's. I have been teaching for the past 15 yrs after moving down south. I am now designing again. I remember we printed on lawn and Poplin in India at Mafatlal...we pushed there creative side to the extreme and they produces excellent design which sold very well. We designed for John Lewis, Debenhams, M+S and it was an amazing time. We travelled to Paris and Lyon on buying trips which were a wonderful experience for a young designer at the time. Happy Days..........

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