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Manchester Hacienda is rebuilt - in miniature form


Yes, that's right, Manchester's legendary club The Hacienda is back. But only in miniature form.

The man behind this amazing piece of model work is Nick Hardy of the Our Small World website. He's recreated the club in exacting detail for a new exhibition opening in Manchester, celebrating the Hacienda's 30th anniversary.

That takes place from Thursday 3rd May to Tuesday 29th May at the Manchester Photographic Gallery,Tariff Street Manchester, M1 2FF. In there', you'll find 'rare artefacts and artwork' along with photographs and this never before seen model of the original Hacienda, recreating Ben Kelly's original design, should you not have made it over there 'back in the day'.

It's a 1:50 scale model complete with DJ booth, opening and closing loading bay doors, projector screens, balcony tables and chairs, a main bar with stocked beer can chiller, glass apex roof and a canal footpath. It is also internally illuminated using a mains fed lighting system for 'an overall subtle effect'. Club lighting, if you like.

More details on the exhibition here or check out some images of the model below.


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