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Pushin' and Shovin' book reviewed


Some of you might recall Don Hughes' first book from last year, called Friday On My Mind. It was well received both here and generally. Enough for Don to produce a second instalment, going by the name of Pushin' and Shovin'.

Paul 'Smiler' Anderson has done an in-depth review of the book, which you can now read online. It takes up the story from the late 60s, crossing youth cults that followed, but always with one eye on 'mod' and Don's ongoing interest in it.

Check out the review if you have a few minutes spare. The book is for sale on eBay and I have added a link at the end of the article to the seller's page. Unfortunately, only one copy os listed right now, so either keep an eye on that page or contact him via that page to chase up additional copies. It sells for £13.99.

Pushin' and Shovin' book review at Modculture

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