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Interview with a top mod

Comedy sometimes writes itself - and unintentionally. This is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. It's called an interview with a top mod. It's amazing. Perhaps because it's not played for laughs. It's deadly serious.

Well done to Rediffusion on the forums for spotting this.


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Excruciating. This is why 'mod' is a joke over here in North America. Fools just don't understand.


Unfortunately, I agree with the comment above. Most 'mods' in the US don't get it. This footage isn't surprising. And look at the interviewer's drill team boots. Far too often, we see 'moddish' women wearing these and calling them 'go-go' boots.

On a positive note, the people in this clip seem nice enough.


Oh dear, I'm many years this man's junior and know better.


Ugh. These 'Mod V. Rocker' events here in the U.S. are a joke. The only people who get 'it' are the Rocker contingent as they are usually dressed to the hilt in proper gear and their bikes reflect it accordingly, Then you have the sad Mod set and it's a mix of TnG's, reflective vests and bad suits. I cringe every time I see photos of these events. Very few understand, and even fewer pull it off without looking like a goon. This fella is certainly not one of those few.

Sparrow Townshend

Such an embarrassment to American mods. Christ.

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